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Available English Angoras

Page Updated 4-16-23

We are excited to announce that we have a litter of english angoras available for new homes! These babies are fully weaned and ready for their new families! If interested in a bunny, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.  Thank You, Olivia and Family

Lou & Penelope's Babies
Born 2-16-23

Meet Vivian & Vergil

Image 3-26-23 at 9.10 AM (2).jpg

Treen Acres' Vivian
Blue Doe: Potential for Show/Fiber/Pet 
$225- PENDING 

Treen Acres' Vergil
Squirrel Buck: Potential for Show/Fiber/Pet 

Image 3-26-23 at 9.20 AM.jpg

Sweet Vivian has such deep beautiful coloring. Her fiber will be gorgeous!

Image 3-26-23 at 9.33 AM.jpg

Handsome Vergil has the sweetest face!

Meet Vernon & Victoria

Image 3-26-23 at 9.17 AM.jpg

Treen Acres' Vernon
Blue Buck: Potential for Show/Fiber/Pet 
Now in his new home!

Treen Acres' Victoria
Squirrel Doe: Potential for Show/Fiber/Pet 

Image 3-26-23 at 9.32 AM.jpg

Vernon has such a sweet face and the personality to match.

Image 3-26-23 at 9.26 AM.jpg

Victoria has such stunning coloring and a gentle nature.

How to Reserve a Bunny


Before inquiring about a bunny, I ask that you please do your research on proper angora rabbit care. Angoras are a big commitment and I will only place bunnies into homes that are prepared for their care. 


To reserve a rabbit please fill out the Inquiry Form below. Please state which bunny you are interested in. If there aren't any rabbits available that suit your needs, you may still fill out a form and I will contact you when the next litter is available. 


Once I have determined that you will provide a suitable home for one of my bunnies, I ask that you submit a non- refundable fee in order to reserve the rabbit of your choice. This fee is 50% of the rabbit's total cost.


Once a bunny is reserved, all that is needed is to arrange a pick up date where the remaining 50% is due. I do not accept checks. I do not ship rabbits; however, I am willing to send rabbits through a transporter but this must be arranged by you.


If the rabbit is not picked up by the arranged date or within two weeks after reaching the age of 10 weeks, then it will be made available again and any money received toward said bunny will NOT be refunded. Because of this, feel free to still inquire about a reserved bunny in case the rabbit is made available again. 


If there is more than one person interested in the same bunny, the bunny will be reserved in order of who first contacted me.

I will however set up a waiting list in the event that the bunny is made available again. 

Interested in a bunny? Contact us below!

Rabbit Inquiry Form

Why are you interested in an English Angora?
Have you cared for rabbits before?
Do you agree to our bunny policy stated below?

Thanks for submitting!

Bunny Policy

Treen Acres Farm is not responsible for any rabbits after they have left our possession. We also cannot guarantee the breeding or showing capabilities of any rabbits. We have the right to refuse the sale of a rabbit for any reason we deem fit. Fiber/pet quality rabbits are sold without a pedigree unless stated otherwise. Fiber/pet quality rabbits are not to be used for breeding unless stated otherwise. By reserving a bunny, you are agreeing to submit a non refundable fee of 50% of the rabbits total cost. All sales are final.

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