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About Our Farm

We are a small family run farm that has recently re-located in central Indiana. We take pride in providing the best of care for our animals and in crafting our handmade yarns and fibers. We have been involved with fiber arts and raising angora rabbits for over 10 years and enjoy sharing that passion with others. The process of creating a beautiful finished good made from wool from our own animals is an exciting journey. We ensure that our wools are gently and carefully combed or sheared from our animals so that they remain stress-free and calm throughout the process. Our animals' well-being is of great importance at all times. We consider our animals to be a part of our family. 

We specialize in using vintage and antique equipment to process our wool into yarns, felted art, and prepared fibers for people to enjoy. We have also recently decided to get involved with historical reenactments and to teach classes in order to share and educate others about this incredible process. We hope that you too will enjoy the fiber arts as much as we do. We love sharing the important part that the fiber arts has played throughout history. 

Our rabbits play a huge role on our farm and we absolutely love the spunky personalities that they bring, not to mention their gorgeous fiber! we do on occasion have litters available; however, we are very careful about what homes our bunnies go to. If you are interested in a bunny, we suggest you see our care page for information on proper manentince and grooming. As always, feel free to ask questions.


Thank you, and enjoy our site!

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